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12 months from today you will know, beyond any shadow of a doubt,  you will retire rich.  Period. Elliott Gue, editor personal Finance "May I introduce you to the investing service that DOUBLED subscribers' money over the nightmarish past decade, while the S&P 500 lost a quarter of its worth?"

My name is Elliott Gue and my promise to you is so blunt (to say the least!) that it bears repeating:

12 months from today you will know beyond any shadow of a doubt that you will retire rich. Period.

This is what just one year of my investing service, Personal Finance, can do for you.

But I haven't quite finished yet.

In addition to starting you on your way to a wealthy future by doubling and redoubling your money every few years, you will also begin to enjoy a wealthy present as you increase your cash-on-hand, disposable income by 20%, 40%—even 50% each year.

That's like getting a whopping big raise without lifting a finger—a bonus that you can spend or reinvest however you like.

And the risk of trying Personal Finance? Zero.

The risk is all mine. You don't risk a cent. Indeed, I'll back my promise with my rock-solid double guarantee: Just for giving my service a try I will begin sending you Personal Finance entirely at my risk.

Should you decide to continue, I will then reduce the price of 24 issues to an astounding $39.95.  As your calculator will reveal, that works out to…

…only 11¢ a day for twelve months, 24 issues, every special alert, weekly market updates, full access to our subscriber-only website and, most importantly, a strategy that doubled subscribers' money over the miserable past decade…while the S&P 500 blew a quarter of its worth.

Sound intriguing? Here's what else you'll discover if you read just a little further…

  • How to profit richly from the coming post-election confidence boost.

  • Why your generation is very different from your parents'.

  • The premier growth superstar defying the consumer-spending drought.

  • How to ride the Number 1 profit wave of the decade. (No, it's not gold—but it is a supply/demand "goldmine.")

  • The surprising stock the Chinese are buying by the barrel-load.

  • How to avoid the new market bubble just around the corner. (Even better—make a bundle from it!)

  • The strategy that rockets your nest egg back to pre-crash levels—in less than 6 months.

Why should you consider Personal Finance? Why now, of all times, with investors fleeing the markets like rats from a sinking ship?

It's like no other investing service you've ever seen

Look, I know in all likelihood you have definite preconceptions about what investing newsletters can and can't do—based, quite sensibly, on your past experience with them.

I'm asking you to suspend those preconceptions temporarily—put out of your mind every money magazine, investing newsletter or other financial source you've ever known.

I ask you to do this because Personal Finance is unlike any other source of financial advice you've ever seen or tried.  For instance…

  • We're not, like the money magazines, about tips for saving a bit here or cutting taxes a bit there. Instead, we're about the long-term, systematic, week-by-week, year-by-year accumulation of wealth.

  • We're not, like so many financial websites and cable shows, about what everyone else is already doing with their money. (By the time it hits the web or the news, it's too late—stay away!)  Instead, we're about doing what virtually nobody else is doing with their money—which is the smartest strategy of all!

  • We're not written by a bunch of reporters, journalists or commentators…men and women who are almost legendary for their inability to make or keep money.

On the contrary…

Personal Finance is edited by me…Elliott Gue.  I am, in the words of experts other than myself, one of the top-rated stockpickers in America.  (A money-doubling performance in the worst decade-long market in 40 years tends to win that kind of ranking.)

Background: Although educated in England (BA in economics, master's in finance, University of London), I am American born and bred, a capitalist at heart.

My handpicked team at Personal Finance are all masters in the arts of attaining financial independence.  There's not a single professional journalist or, heaven forbid, "pundit" on our staff.  Never has been.  Never will be.    

That means every single recommendation and fact you glean from Personal Finance comes from an expert in the creation of personal wealth.

You see, at Personal Finance, we're not out to build a journalistic reputation.

We're out to build a fortune…yours.

In short, Personal Finance is the financial source that speaks directly to you and your generation—that introduces you to the exquisite pleasures of watching your money multiply by 20%, 40%, even 50%, while you sit back and relax!

And never has it been so vital for any generation to plan for their future financial needs than it is right now.

Consider this fact alone…

In order to sustain an average-length retirement, you'll need a nest egg of at least $1 million just to preserve your present standard of living.

Obviously, it's a whole new ballgame.  The prudent old way of saving diligently and relying on a generous pension—the life plan that served our parents and grandparents—simply no longer applies.

That's why I cannot emphasize enough that Personal Finance is for your life and times.  You do not have to be a finance buff or a stock-market wizard to profit from it.

But if you are concerned (as you should be) about being left behind by the new, sweeping financial realities, then you can be certain that Personal Finance will help you like no other source that exists.

A year from now, you'll have a portfolio bursting
with mouthwatering, fast-growing investments

Personal Finance is all about growing steadily richer—despite bad economic news, bear market plunges and nerve-jangling volatility.

One reader told me that reading Personal Finance is like putting on a pair of X-ray glasses and seeing opportunities invisible to others.

I prefer to say we've developed a time-proven system that enables us to see market forces differently, to uncover new and startling revelations, to decode the hidden significance buried in seemingly unconnected events and trends.

And our system works.  It bears repeating…

We DOUBLED subscribers' money during a
flat-out horrible decade for investors!

This is critically important today since many economists believe the present decade, marketwise, may well end up very much like the last—choppy, volatile and ultimately going nowhere.

Can you afford ten more years of your money lying dormant?  I didn't think so.

Of course, financial advisors galore delight in bragging about the gains they made during the past year.  Who didn't?  From March 2009 to May 2010 the markets rebounded nearly 50%.  

But ask about the entire past decade—which included the "black swan" year of 2008—and you'll have to strain your ears to hear their answer.

That's because from 2000 to 2010 the S&P 500 lost 24%.  Most Wall Street "experts" and fund managers performed just as poorly.  (Did you know over 95% of managed mutual funds underperform their benchmark index?)   

But during those difficult ten years, including the worst market crash since 1929, Personal Finance subscribers more than doubled their money.

Yes, doubled their money.

That was then. What about now?

There's no doubt the ongoing crisis has not only robbed investors of years of hard-earned returns—and dramatically changed market psychology.

Consumers feel stripped of wealth (if not their jobs) and will hold on to their wallets, quite possibly for years to come.

The key is to avoid stocks leveraged to the U.S. consumer—or linked to profligate spending by developed-world governments; both are discouraged and hunkering down.

That's why we're putting our money in investments detached from the gloom…and the jagged market volatility.

So, what kind of specific investments will I be telling you about in Personal Finance…right now?  Here are a few examples…

  • PREMIER GROWTH SUPERSTAR OF THIS DECADE.  For starters, "connect" yourself to a surging global demand that defies the drought in consumer spending plaguing so many businesses.  This is a solid-gold powerhouse of a profit-maker generating big-time earnings and dividends right now—and for years to come.  Brilliantly shedding outdated services and flawlessly introducing innovative, high-margin communications services, the company has maintained its industry-leading position and is more profitable than ever.  Best of all, this stock sells at less than half the price it commanded in the late 1990s and yields well over 6 percent.  A rare jewel you should acquire now!

  • ASIAN MONEYMAKER.  Personal Finance subscribers who bought shares of this financial star have gained an eye-popping 65.9% since my recommendation—just one year ago!  And there's no end in sight.  This company is one of the best-run financials in Asia, and management has a strong track record of producing steady growth without taking on excessive risk.  This is a great long-term play on surging domestic demand in the fast-growing country giving China a run for its money!

  • DEEP PROFITS.  A few months ago, screaming headlines proclaimed the BP oil spill was the worst environmental disaster in world history.  Recently, scientists reported a previously unknown microbe had consumed an oil plume the size of Manhattan.  It was reported in the back pages of most papers.  Moral of the story: Deepwater drilling is here to stay—despite what President Obama says.  And I know a company that boasts the industry's most technologically advanced rigs.  Drilling in deepwater areas is second nature to this outfit.  All but one of its state-of-the art rigs are leased under lucrative long-term contracts.  It's my favorite deepwater driller, by far.  I urge you to get on board now!

  • ORIENTAL IDOL.  How would you feel about owning a piece of the world's largest telecom operator—with a base of 250 million customers and 40 percent of its market?  This is a true communications powerhouse.  Its growing client base generates reliable cash flow, while the company's bulletproof balance sheet is another strong attraction.  Just in the first half of this year, this outfit generated USD 18.7 billion in cash from operations, 13.8 percent higher than one year ago.  Your gains will shoot higher, too—if you buy in now!

  • TAX-ADVANTAGED GEMS.  How would you feel about an uncommon investment—overlooked by many—that takes advantage of market weakness to offer growing yields of up to 10 percent? Even better, much of the distributions paid out by these deals feature extraordinary tax advantages.  When you sell, you pay only the long-term rate for capital gains.  Thank you, Uncle Sam!  (How often do you say that?)  These investments are on the upswing, too.  Most are in industries that enjoy strong fundamentals—a rarity these days.  We expect growth to accelerate—but selectivity is the key.  I'll help you do the selecting!

  • BLACK GOLD.  China—which just replaced the U.S. as the number one energy consumer in the world—averages a new coal-fired plant every 7 to 10 days. India is slated to build nearly 80,000 megawatts of new power capacity before 2012.  Most of this power will come from coal.  I know a company directly in the path of rising Asian demand for coal, ramping up production from 29 million tons to 40 million by 2014.  This insatiable appetite for coal gives this company outstanding growth potential.  Grab it now and ride the surge of demand!

  • THE NEXT BUBBLE.  Did you know there's a new bubble waiting to burst?  No, it's not going to tank the global economy like the sub-prime crash—but an awful lot of investors will get soaked.  This particular industry has been riding the government-subsidy gravy train for years in the U.S., and decades in Europe.  That train is headed for a wreck.  And when this bubble pops, it will remind investors of the great tech bubble of 2000.  I'll identify the biggest gravy glutton of them all, and tell you how to profit when the train goes off the tracks!

  • NEW ENERGY GIANT.  Would you be shocked to learn there's a country that possesses oil reserves ranking with those of the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia combined…and it's located in North America?  Already, this country produces about 300 million barrels of oil equivalent annually.  Analysts estimate total reserves at 1.75 trillion barrels, with production growing faster each year.  I'll reveal the operator whose prospects are so good, they just received an approximately $1.3 billion inflow from a Chinese investment corporation.  Nevertheless, the stock remains an amazing bargain!

Sound intriguing?  Those are just a sample of the high-producing investments spotlighted right now in Personal Finance.

Note how we're taking advantage of companies far removed from U.S. markets—or immune to the current domestic gloom (like the "premier growth superstar" and the "deepwater driller").

That's the way we do it—until the U.S. economy rebounds.  And it will.

So how are we doing lately?

Could you get accustomed to winners like these?

  • 459% in software services
  • 315% in Internet auto parts
  • 127% in construction services
  • 108% in coal
  • 81% in dry bulk shipping
  • 94% in tax-deferred income
  • 70% in steel

Our subscribers have become nicely acclimated to such mouthwatering gains.

I think you will, too.

As you can plainly see, we look for superb bargains that go against the crowd—plays that are deeply undervalued because they are widely overlooked.

We're bold—yet painstaking in our research. 

Others have taken notice.

Forbes magazine says Personal Finance editor Elliott Gue (and staff) truly "capitalize on playing both sides of the market," finding profit opportunities in both up and down markets.

I would add: We are honest.  Unlike many investing publications and websites we scrupulously track our recommendations.  That means…

You get to see how every investment recommendation we make—stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, real estate, precious metals or anything else—actually performs.

It means you always know exactly how well we're producing for you.

If a pick doesn't perform the way we expect, we report that to you.  Very few advisory services have the courage to do this.

What's more, we are meticulously independent.  Take a look at the typical Internet investing site or blog.  You'll see ads galore.  We, however, accept no advertising.

So nobody owns us.

We're beholden to no one but you.  If our recommendations don't increase your wealth, we know we will lose your trust and your readership.

That's why I believe Personal Finance is the most honest, straightforward investing service in all of publishing.

What's the best way to get started?  I suggest with a FREE copy of my new special report:

The New Wealthbuilders:
Hand-Picked Investments for Your Generation

As a nation and as investors, we've faced hardships in the last 10 years—the tech crash of 2000, the trauma of 9/11 and the sub-prime collapse of 2008, leading to the worst economic decline since the Great Depression.

Now, gloom-and-doomers warn of a "double-dip" recession. 

I disagree.

In recent issues, I've told my readers a "double-dip" is unlikely.  Now, I'm telling them—and you—to expect confidence to shoot up after the November election.

Reason: The extravagant spending and enactment of entitlements that fueled business distrust of Washington will almost certainly end when the election dust settles.  Politicians from both parties know the nation has little stomach for big spending.

Large and small business alike will view this as reassurance that government will be unwilling—or unable—to spend recklessly.  Not because of suddenly acquired wisdom—because of good old-fashioned gridlock and fear of losing their office.

This will act like a shot of B-12 in the arm for companies holding cash, but fearful of investing for future growth.  With the fear eased—or removed—watch them take off!

In this Bonus Report, I spotlight companies I expect to heat up—and stay red-hot as confidence returns.

A quick taste: We're buying this company because it's a perfect fit for our strategy.  It features seven business segments—transportation, industrial packaging, food equipment, power systems and electronics, construction products, polymers and fluids, and decorative products.

We love how its revenues are evenly spread across all segments, none of which accounts for more than 15 percent of the overall top line.

Best of all, revenues keep rising boosted by an overseas tailwind that allows the company to generate almost 60 percent of its revenues outside the U.S.—as it waits for the economy here at home to rev up.

When the post-election confidence injection kicks in: watch out!  Profits will soar to even greater heights.

There are lots more stocks in this exciting special report that will put your money squarely where the action is.  Including…

The industrial firm leveraged by skyrocketing growth in emerging markets…the tech powerhouse set to profit as companies switch to 10-gigabit switches for Internet traffic…the Asian computer-maker reporting shipments up by 45 percent…the oil operator set to expand into the deepwater Golden Triangle—the heart of the largest oil discoveries in decades…and several more just as attractive.

Best of all…

The New Wealthbuilders: Hand-Picked Investments for Your Generation is yours FREE just for taking a look at Personal Finance.

How to get a RISK-FREE look at Personal Finance
…along with your FREE report

I firmly believe you'll find Personal Finance to be the only financial advisory service you need.  Like nothing you've ever experienced, Personal Finance can guide you into a future where your money will multiply by 20%, 30%, even 50%, while you sit back and relax.

Our track record at Personal Finance speaks volumes.  It's no secret that the past decade was a trying time for investors—ten years of pure misery.

But take a look at this: $100,000 invested in Personal Finance's recommendations at the start of the 2000s (with returns reinvested) would have grown to $208,459 by the end of 2009.

On the other hand, the same $100,000 invested in an S&P 500 index fund would have shriveled to just $64,000.  (Losing you plenty of money and sleep.)

Right about now you may be thinking, "How much is a subscription?"  Surely, a source with such an outstanding track record, which has been cited in Kiplinger's as one of the two newsletters that best cover the entire investing world with "uncommon clarity, perceptive overviews and specific recommendations"…costs a fortune, right?

Not the case.

As an introductory subscriber, you'll receive a full year of twice-monthly issues for just $39.95.

That works out to only 11¢ a day for twelve months, 24 issues, every special alert, weekly market updates, full access to our subscriber-only website and, most importantly, a strategy that doubled subscribers' money over the past decade as the S&P 500 lost almost a quarter of its worth.

But there's more.

In addition to your subscription to Personal Finance, I'll be delighted to send you a FREE copy of The New Wealthbuilders: Hand-Picked Investments for Your Generation.  This special report brings you everything you need to invest in cash-rich companies straining at the bit to be turned loose!

Plus, you'll also receive…

  • FREE BONUS #2:  Get it Back: How to Rebuild Your Nest Egg in 6 Months—Returning your hard-earned wealth to its pre-crash level is the focus of most investors.  Your high-speed "comeback" starts here.  Rebuild your principle with profits from the food-producing leader fueled by increasing global urbanization.  And the cash-heavy, restructured tech powerhouse set to soar on earnings from IT services to the world's top multinational firms.  Plus, 8 other fast-moving profit-makers set to surge and restore your lost wealth.

  • FREE BONUS #3: Profit Richly from the Great Global Energy Race hitches your money to the biggest, purest supply-and-demand opportunity we'll ever see. Literally scores of developed and developing countries locked in a bare-knuckles, trillion-dollar brawl over proven energy resources.  Indeed, today's emerging markets are experiencing a period of rapid, dramatic, parabolic growth in energy demand…not seen since the U.S. in the early 20th century and Japan in the post-war era.  Nothing can stop it, so you might was well get rich from it!

So what's the risk to give us a try?

There is none.

I want to emphasize: With this limited-time invitation, you'll have the opportunity to examine Personal Finance before you decide to subscribe.  If you choose to cancel—and you can at any time, for any reason—you'll receive a full, prompt 100% refund.

In other words, you're not risking a single penny.

If that sounds like a good deal, here's a way to make it even better…

Take Personal Finance for two years for just $79.  Not only does this assure you of the lowest available rate for two years, but you'll also receive (in addition to the FREE special reports described above) two additional special reports with our compliments:

  • FREE BONUS #4: Loser Investments to Sell Now!—Several sectors face severe economic and political headwinds.  In this eye-popping (but potentially portfolio-saving) report, I'll reveal the biggest losers—companies (including health insurers, on-shore retailers, closed-end bond funds and others) set up to be clobbered by the end of the government-stimulus smorgasbord. If you've got them, ditch them—and don't let anyone talk you into buying them!

  • FREE BONUS #5:  Taking the World By Storm: Double Your Money as this Exotic Oil Goes Mainstream—I'm sticking with my policy of steering investors away from ethanol producers: It's just not panning out.  A much better bet is emerging now from the tropics.  This unique oil benefits from both energy generation (bio-diesel) and its projection as the most commonly used cooking oil in the world by 2015.  Producers can't keep up with demand.  I expect prices for this up-and-coming commodity to double in the next few years.  You want to be there for the ride on this one!

Don't forget, the risk of trying Personal Finance is…zero.

With this special invitation, I am reducing the price of Personal Finance by half—you may enjoy a full year (24 issues) for only $39.95.  Your half-price savings are exactly the same as receiving an additional 12 issues at no cost.

Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed with this limited-time invitation that gives you the opportunity to examine Personal Finance before you decide to continue.  Again, if you choose to cancel—and you can at any time, for any reason—you'll receive a full, prompt 100% refund.

It's our very best offer!  You'll receive a full year of Personal Finance at half price.  Plus, a gift copy of The New Wealthbuilders: Hand-Picked Investments for Your Generation—the report that puts you on the road to retiring rich.

Also included is our helpful "Welcome Aboard Kit," which gets you off to a fast start.  Before you know it you'll be savoring the exquisite pleasure of watching your money multiply rapidly—while you sit back and relax.

What's more, I invite you to put our advice to your own personal test.  Go ahead and track our investing recommendations and note how they perform.  Don't forget, if you choose to cancel for any reason, at any time, you'll receive a full refund. 

In other words, you have my word that you may examine Personal Finance entirely at our risk.

So try Personal Finance.  Try it now while you can examine it risk-free—and receive eye-opening FREE special reports…topped by the truly amazing opportunities identified in The New Wealthbuilders: Hand-Picked Investments for Your Generation.

I'll say it one more time. 

Personal Finance is unlike any financial advisory service you've ever seen. It's not about saving a few pennies here, or making a few dollars there—it's about the long-term, systematic, week-by-week, year-by-year accumulation of wealth.

If you're ready for this kind of advice, you're ready for Personal Finance!

My next idea-packed issue will be out shortly—so please make the right choice and try Personal Finance today!



Elliott Gue, Editor

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I urge you to try Personal Finance, like these subscribers did:

Through you…my family is financially set… We live a dream life made possible by your team's advice.  Most importantly, I sleep soundly every night.
-- Bill Kerler
My portfolios have grown beyond my wildest expectations… I will always be a subscriber to your market letter.
-- Lew Robinson

Make the right decision.  They did.  All I'm suggesting is that you give Personal Finance a good, hard look.  It can lead you to a million-dollar retirement!  Just return the no-risk form today.  And thank you.

P.P.S.  I'll send a quick-reply bonus…when you respond within 10 days!  It's all about how to profit from the most critical resource of all.  The Chinese and Saudis are grabbing all they can.  India is desperate for it.  The UK is afraid their supply is running out.  Scores of nations are willing to pay a premium for it. That's what makes it the "trade of the century."

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